Makeup For Brides - Do's and Don'ts

Makeup for brides is an art unto itself, and like any art-form, the key to success is to have a great base to work with.(view more buy eyelashes extensions to make beauty person ) For bridal makeup, this means flawless foundation. For most women their wedding day is the most photographed day of their lives, so this needs to be taken into consideration when doing makeup for brides. This means that contouring and highlighting is essential, and more makeup than usual on the eyes, but subtly done so as not to overpower the whole look.


An increasingly popular way of achieving a flawless base with seamless contours and highlighting is by airbrushing. Airbrush makeup is in fact perfect makeup for brides because it flows on the skin faultlessly, is extremely long wearing and won't rub off when the congratulatory hugs and kisses start to come your way.


For cultures like the Indian sub-continent and Arab brides airbrushing can provide the heavy contouring needed for traditional bridal looks but without the painted look that so often results from manual application of foundation and contouring.


The perfect facial makeup for brides will usually have highlighting on brow-bones, upper cheek-bones and down the center of the nose, with contouring under cheek-bones, along the sides of the nose, at the temples and along the jaw-line. This all works to cleverly slim the face and more importantly, give depth in photographs so that you don't look flat in your pictures. Airbrushing is definitely the easiest way to achieve this look, and you won't need to sit in the chair for hours to get it either.(Recent studies have shown those women who to buy 3d mink lashes Click here [calvinlashes] to order best quality mink eyelashes.)


The eyes need to be done in such a way as to capture the light in a photograph, so this means highlighting in the center of the lid, the corner of the eye and the brow bone. Usually colors are kept in muted tones or frosty whites and grays. False mink lashes are a good touch in makeup for brides, especially if it is a few individual mink lashes places at the outer corner of the eye.


Lips should be kept simple - strong colors are more likely to kiss off during the course of the wedding, so you want to be able to maintain your look throughout the day. Reds will make teeth look yellow, so steer clear of strong reds as well. Neutral pinks are your best bet for bridal makeup.


A key thing to remember is that makeup for brides should not obscure the bride's natural features; it should rather highlight her beauty in a way which looks natural.


For more tips and ideas for makeup for brides check out the websites below which are full of the latest trends in bridal makeup artistry as well as insider tips for makeup application.(Recent studies have shown those women who to buy 3d mink lashes Click here to order best quality mink eyelashes.)


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